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a Yuri  by Pinkamenart a Yuri :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 1 0 our favorite boi by Pinkamenart our favorite boi :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 1 0 zarc Yooyers by Pinkamenart zarc Yooyers :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 0 0 finished commission set by Pinkamenart finished commission set :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 0 2 White penssss by Pinkamenart White penssss :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 0 0 yuya for the 8 Dollar set by Pinkamenart yuya for the 8 Dollar set :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 0 0 Yuto for the 8 Dollar set by Pinkamenart Yuto for the 8 Dollar set :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 1 0 Zarc for my 8 dollar set by Pinkamenart Zarc for my 8 dollar set :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 1 0 Yugi Moto commission  by Pinkamenart Yugi Moto commission :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 0 0 karman and hector  by Pinkamenart karman and hector :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 1 0 karman by Pinkamenart karman :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 0 0 Hector icon gift by Pinkamenart Hector icon gift :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 2 0 dinaurian Au yugo by Pinkamenart dinaurian Au yugo :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 0 0 what? by Pinkamenart what? :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 0 0 he dab by Pinkamenart he dab :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 1 3 older beyblade burst AU valt by Pinkamenart older beyblade burst AU valt :iconpinkamenart:Pinkamenart 4 0


Marked!Yugo by leonsorcerer Marked!Yugo :iconleonsorcerer:leonsorcerer 5 0
Perverted Lion Kyouya x reader
Perverted Lion  Kyouya x Reader
You let out a sigh a exhaustion and frustration. You walk into Madoka's bey shop and walked down stairs and flopped onto the couch.
"Hey [y/n]. What's up?"
With tired eyes, you sent her a exhausted glare.
"Work got to again?"
"Yeah. Apparently I need to keep an eye on your friends Gingka and Kyouya, and you wouldn't believed how hard it is to do that, also in the last bey battle Kyouya almost destroyed the whole bey stadium.
Madoka got up from where she was sitting and walked over and patted your head.
"Aw poor baby." She cood.
"I need a vacation Madoka. I need a break from watching over those two."
"Well who knows maybe the next one will be at a relaxing resort."
All of your cell phone rings.
"Hello. Oh hey Mr. Hagane. What really? Alright I'll make sure to do that. Ok bye." You hung up your phone and looked  to Madoka with tears in your eyes.
"MADOKA." You hugged her. "You magic Madoka. We're going to a five star hotel and it's on a beach." (
:iconpanda-otaku:Panda-Otaku 162 7
Ryuga x reader
Ryuga x reader
You were at the Dark Nebula organization. You walked down the hall and stopped at a door with your name on it. You open the door and walked over to your desk. You pick up the folder that laid on your nice clean, organized desk.
"Lets see what does Doji want now?"
Then your cell starts to play your favorite song. (As your ring tone) You look at your phone to see it was Doji. You open your phone.
"What is it you want now Doji?"
"[y/n] I need you to come to my office there's a bey I need you to look at."
"Fine I'll be there in a few." You then snap you phone shut and headed down to his office.
You arrived at the door and it slid open, and as usual you see the adorable Yuu sitting off to the side eating ice cream, and your annoying boss that you wished so much to just (finger quotes) accidentally push off a cliff staring at the cactus with a disapproving look.
"You wanted to see me?"
He turned and smiled a evil smile.
"Ah [y/n] it's about time you showed up."
:iconpanda-otaku:Panda-Otaku 128 33
Evening Dusk by Gamer6662 Evening Dusk :icongamer6662:Gamer6662 1 0 Gym leader Wallace by Gamer6662 Gym leader Wallace :icongamer6662:Gamer6662 1 2 ok, Meowkie? by SailorTheArtist ok, Meowkie? :iconsailortheartist:SailorTheArtist 3 4 Power of NEO by Pdubbsquared Power of NEO :iconpdubbsquared:Pdubbsquared 955 85 Mettaton Neo Overworld Sprite (Undertale) by Toreodere Mettaton Neo Overworld Sprite (Undertale) :icontoreodere:Toreodere 278 69 Made for Entertainment - Mettaton and Frisk by WalkingMelonsAAA Made for Entertainment - Mettaton and Frisk :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 10,216 647 UNDERTALE - Mettaton NEO -Final Episode- by Hellknight10 UNDERTALE - Mettaton NEO -Final Episode- :iconhellknight10:Hellknight10 1,573 69 Mettaton NEO [+Speedpaint] by sasoes Mettaton NEO [+Speedpaint] :iconsasoes:sasoes 1,428 77 The Power of Mettaton Neo - Undertale by WalkingMelonsAAA The Power of Mettaton Neo - Undertale :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 6,857 322 Gubbio by Phatpuppyart-Studios Gubbio :iconphatpuppyart-studios:Phatpuppyart-Studios 279 37 Icy Storm by Gamer6662 Icy Storm :icongamer6662:Gamer6662 1 0 Laughing Stitches' two sides by Gamer6662 Laughing Stitches' two sides :icongamer6662:Gamer6662 1 0 Insanity Downpour Anthro by Gamer6662 Insanity Downpour Anthro :icongamer6662:Gamer6662 1 5
Im taking traditional commissions, (Check my page its littered with examples)
1 headshot:  1 dollar
Headshot set: 3 Dollars (Comes with 8)
Torso shot: 3 dollars
Torso shot sets: 6 dollars (comes with 8)
Full body: 5 Dollars
Full body sets: (Comes with 9) 10 dollars
Chibis: 2 Dollars
Chibi sets: (Comes with 6) 8 Dollars

If you want one, PM me and ill give you my mailing address for the money and you'll get your commissions 3-5 business days after I pm you saying I got the money.
Don't ask for one and not pay. If I don't get money from you I won't do it.
I do not accept points, I need real money for art supplies and such. My colorless blender died and i need to replace it and im looking into getting more sakura pens. For digital commissions I'll take points but those will be on a separate post.
Please don't comment on my profile I don't want my mailing address public and id like you to keep it to yourselves.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WAIT FOR THEM! It takes me a while to get the money because I live in the middle of nowhere. I'll pm you when I get it so you don't worry.

Example for fullbody attached:
Example for others on my profile
embedded_item1484195144890 by Pinkamenart


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United States
Basically im a dude who likes to draw. im gay as sin, and have the most amazing boyfriend ever, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys!



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